A girl with borderline


This is my first post and I am definitely not going to write anything to make anyone happy or whatever.

Loving someone with borderline is very very very complicated.  She might love you — but only at this moment. She will tell you she is with a guy-friend and not even know the pain in your voice or eyes because you are afraid when that guy is around her he might just use her when she is drunk.

Now I am definitely not saying she is a bad person or she is incapable of loving someone — but when you are away for a few hours — it goes away.

I don’t know how to handle this — I think no one does.

It’s not their fault that they have Borderline but sometimes it’s hard.

P.S. The reason I’m using the gender ‘her‘ is because I’m talking and will be talking about my experience with a girl who I love very much.

My New Website



Guys me and Jenny Started a new website and I’d love for you guys to sign up on there (It’s 100000000% Free). It’s Called wolfenbuettlerwoelfe


It’s a social network website for Wolfenbüttel, Germany


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There are some facts

We all want to be happy. We all want things that make us happy. We all want love. 

If your on my WordPress page right now it’s because you love someone or you have something related to borderline personality disorder. 

If you want to be happy. You have to do this on your own. Borderline personality disorder won’t help you archives your dreams. They won’t let you progress in life, they won’t let you do anything for yourself. They are selfish. 

I’m definitely not saying this is why you should leave them or not love them but you need to just work on yourself more and if they love you — they’ll love for who you are and please please please don’t change yourself for anyone. 

I’ve gotten an email today from someone (I can’t name that person) and that person asked me for help because his girlfriend wasn’t helping him with his personal projects. Well, honestly — I am not saying that your girlfriend is supposed to be helping you and forcing herself to do things for you but all I would expect if for that person (your girlfriend) to be supporting you. 

If I am being completely honest right now. I’ll just saying that BPD can’t really love anyone because they don’t love them selfies. 

Pictures 2017

So I don’t know how this works and yet figuring it out. I’m trying to add a special page for only my pictures so this is kinda a test. If it works — it worked!


Jennifer Kern, Graham Miranda and Benny Kern

Jennifer Kern, Graham Miranda and Benny Kern


Jennifer Kern on New Year

Jennifer Kern on New Year


Jennifer Kern and Graham Miranda on New Years Eve

Jennifer Kern and Graham Miranda on New Years Eve


Jennifer Kern and Graham Miranda

Jennifer Kern and Graham Miranda



Graham Miranda and Jennifer Kern in the snow

Jenny and Graham Pictures 2017

So I was with Jenny from December 20 2016 to January 6th 2017 and here are some of our pictures:


Happy Holidays!

So! I have been a bit busy with some stuff going on and haven’t really been able to update this blog. I Apologize to all the 20-followers!

I just want everyone out there to know you are beautiful as who you are, you are amazing and no mater what people love the original you. Some may dislike it. Some may just-like it. Some may Love it. Focus on the people who love it.

There maybe something you love but someone else doesn’t. Don’t give up or force that person to love it. Everyone has their own opinion. Respect that. At the same time (THIS IS IMPORTANT) DO NOT MIX THAT WITH GOOD OR BAD. Sometimes, let’s say you self-harm and for some reason you cannot stop and someone who loves you tries to tell you “you need professional help” please do not ignore that. Please listen.

I’ve gotten into a situation recently where someone did something bad and I tried to advise that person (a friend) on what I think should be done and that person refused. All I can say is: I tried.

Please don’t be that person. Always, respect and hear people’s opinion. It doesn’t have to be right but it doesn’t have to be wrong either.

This Christmas I hope you guys have an awesome time with people that you love and care.

I want to thank all my readers out there for reading and supporting me with whatever I’ve said and y’all are great listeners (or readers).

Merry Christmas guys!

Graham Miranda and Jennifer Kern Christmas Selfie

Graham Miranda and Jennifer Kern Christmas Selfie


Jenny in the USA

Some of our (Jennifer Kern and Graham Miranda) pictures while Jenny (Jennifer Kern) was in the USA:

I miss her so much 😦

The truth is…

Well, me and jenny — we argue over things. We do crazy shit. We talk rubbish (doing a little British!) and it’s amazing.

The truth is we (jenny and me) HAVE NEVER EVER STOPPED TALKING WITH EACH-OTHER for more than a few hours.

I get pissed, she gets pissed we do stuff but the next morning we make sure to tell each other we woke up.

I’ve gotten some emails. Some people tell me “My girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend/friend haven’t spoken from days, hours or weeks” and I just think to myself so that person can stay without talking with the other person for that long and yet “can’t live without the other person” (you get what I mean).

When I am mad I write on here. But deep inside me (Jenny knows this too) i cannot live without talking to jenny for more than a few hours. I will tell her something totally Random but we will talk.

I know people (again, just two readers who wrote me an email two months ago) and once they fight or argue they don’t talk for days and that’s not good.

What I am just trying to say: if you can live without talking to that special person for days let alone weeks. I ask you to ask yourself: how much do you care about that person? You don’t know if that person is doing well, is sick or anything. You just don’t care.